We offer free inspections for air quality, loose lines, or separated lines that can affect air flow. The use of specialized cameras and tools empower us to provide the most thorough cleaning and best results.

Brushing & Vacuuming Furnace Return and Supply Boxes

Our technicians prioritize leaving your house clean:  We wear shoe covers,  and use sanitized equipment. You will not have to clean up after our work!  And we work with state of the art equipment using a HIPPA filtered vacuum delivering 100 pounds of pressure during the cleaning process. Cleaning your ducts can help family members with allergies and sinus problems, so give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

Inspecting Lines that Branch from Return and Supply Boxes

Allergy sufferers can be exposed to numerous allergens, especially since some air ducts may be congested with debris, clogs, mold, and bacteria… As with any cleaning, there’s so much more to truly clean an area beyond the surface.  We must also deep clean.  One of the ways we do this is by using one of the most renowned disinfectants, Sporicidin, which kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and fungi within 10 minutes!

We use special sanitizers and disinfectants to eliminate mold and bad odors from the return lines of the AC unit.

Comprehensive Dryer Cleaning Including Filter, Flex Duct, and Wall Duct

To improve the efficiency of a dryer, the vent should be cleaned regularly. A regular dryer vent cleaning can remove lint and other debris that clogs the vents and reduces dryer performance.

Thorough Chimney Cleaning with Vacuums, Rods and Whip Nozzles

A chimney functions as a major ventilation system for smoke, toxins, and harmful fumes to escape. However, a chimney can also be a critter haven, as birds sometimes like to build their nests within the shelter a chimney can provide. Leaving a chimney unchecked over time can mean an accumulation of dry branches, leaves, and debris– meaning this dangerous collection of kindling can easily spark a fire causing considerable damage.